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Thanks for checking by! All worms are shipped on Monday or Tuesday via USPS to minimize the time spent in the post office and transit. This helps reduce stress on the worms thereby ensuring they arrive to you as healthy as possible! I'm selling red worms (Eisenia Fetida) but know that there is a very small possibility that another species of composting worm can get in the mix. I've never had this happen, but it remains a possibility and anyone who 100% guarantees a pure breed stock is lying! Even if by small chance another worm does get in there, they are still excellent composters and will add a diversity to the mix!

I will provide a tracking number once shipped. Arrivals are typically Tuesday or Wednesday but sometimes get delayed to Thursday or Friday. I guarantee the worms will arrive alive and healthy. However, if they are left on your front porch with the sun shining on them for 8 hours, this will obviously cause harm to the worms and I won't accept responsibility for that. Please ensure there is a way to either get them indoors, in the shade, or in their new home as soon as possible upon arrival.

Please make sure the shipping address is correct when you pay! Happy worm farming!

These are all products that I currently use or have used and recommend for composing or reasoning worms.


  1. Can I come pick them up instead of shipping? My phone number is 713 410 3755

  2. I have the same question as above. Please call 860-985-8461, I live in the Houston area, near the east end. Thanks!

  3. I'm interested in pick up as well since I live in Houston. Please send me a phone number to

  4. Hello
    If I could schedule a pickup that would be ideal for me as well.
    Thank you


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