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Houston Worms

Welcome to Houston Worms! Thanks for stopping by!

Please bear with me while I get the main website up and going. In the meantime, I'll give you a brief background about me and worms!

I've been composting for the better part of my life and about 10 years ago I began vermicomposting. This began as a hobby and a fun new way to process food waste and it soon turned into an obsession. Over the years I learned the major benefits of worm castings vs compost and the importance of both in the garden. Vermicomposting is also an ideal solution to many people who don't have the space for traditional compost piles. They can also be added directly to garden beds. To put it simply, worms castings are the most beneficial thing for any living plant.

I noticed recently that the greater Houston area didn't have any local worm vendors, so I decided to change that! I'm currently breeding worms and selling small batches of worms for local gardeners. The benefits of buying locally are th…